What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Push-fit Fittings?

If you are looking to repair PVC pipes, using push-fit fittings is better instead of the traditional fitting that are glued into the PVC pipes. These fittings can also be used for other kinds of pipes like in a case of CPVC pipe fittings or copper pipes etc. But most of the times they are used in PVC irrigation systems.

There are multiple benefits of using fittings in pipes regardless of the kind whether they are CPVC fittings or uPVC Fittings, being better than glueing together two pipes is one of them. The use of no glue also means you don’t need to worry about the time the glue will stay there. Another benefit is being able to use these fittings while the pipes are wet.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the frequently asked questions by people around:

How Can They Stay Connected?

These fittings have a metal barb that doesn’t allow the barb to come out. The barb once pushed inside the pipe, it grabs a hold of the pipe so that it cant be pulled out by any kind of pressure.

Are These Fittings Water Tight?

Of course, they are, since these fittings have a rubber ring around them that doesn’t allow any water to leak out of the place where the fitting is placed. Due to the compression, a watertight seal is created.

How Can These Fittings Be Removed?

There is no easy way to remove these fittings. Exactly like in the case of glued fittings, the pipes need to be cut from the place where the fittings exist. One thing to remember that don’t test these fittings on the pipe, as once they are fit in the pipe you’d be able to remove the fitting only if you cut the pipe.

Can You Use The Fittings While There is Water Inside?

In the case of glued fittings, because of the water inside the fittings can’t be placed on the pipes since glue won’t work, but since these push-fit fittings are unaffected by water, they can be easily placed even while there is water running through the pipe. 

Remember to not waste water, you can close the water supply to save some. One thing you have to focus on this scenario is to check whether the pipes are clean or not. If the pipes are clean, push in the fittings and check if they’ve stuck properly and is sealed.

What Is The Amount Of Pressure These Push Fittings Will Withstand?

The amount of pressure PVC might hold is different for each PVC pipe and fittings so you’ll have to check with the manufacturers regarding the pressure threshold og these fittings. Better to be sure than regrets.

Are There Different Sizes Available?

These PVC fittings are available in multiple sizes including the standard size it comes in. You just have to look online and measure the pipe that you’ll be using these fittings on. The most common sizes are easily available at any online retail shops.

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