Safety Measures for Air Conditioners

During the summers Air conditioning unit is the most used appliance. It becomes tough to get by the harsh summer months without an AC. As a result, a large number of people are installing air conditioning units in their homes. Let’s have a look at various AC parts and how the air conditioner service and system work.

Major AC Parts and Their Functions

  • Compressor

The heart of the air conditioner unit is the air conditioner compressor. It turns gas into a liquid. AC compressor functions by converting a low-pressure gaseous refrigerant from the evaporator into high pressure and high-temperature gas before entering the condenser. This allows AC to cool down the temperature in your room.

  • Condenser Coil

This coil is attached to a fan. and this fan cools down the gas which comes in at high pressure, thereby converting it into a liquid form. The condenser coil is fit on the outside of the air conditioning unit and is one of the most critical components of the air conditioning system.

  • Evaporator

The liquid that leaves the condenser coil next goes to the evaporator through tiny pipes. The pressure is shallow inside the evaporator, and this converts the liquid to a gaseous state. Now the gas gets cool down and passes on to the next part of the air conditioning system.

  • Blowing unit and air handler

The blowing unit and the air handler work in a cycle to pull in the warm air into the air conditioning unit and pass out the cold air back into the room. For the equal distribution of cold air, these two units are responsible throughout the room

  • Thermostat

The thermostat helps the AC unit to maintain the correct temperature. The various air conditioning parts will not function correctly unless the AC is at the right temperature inside. If your AC is not cooling your house, it’s most likely due to a damaged thermostat. The thermostat, therefore, is essential and controls the temperature of the AC.

  • Filter

Every air conditioning unit comes with a screen. The AC filter keeps the dust and the dirt of the air from getting into the central group of the AC. The AC filters, therefore, are critical components of an air conditioning system.

  • Drain pipes

The drain pipes collect the water droplets that condensate when the hot air turns into the fresh air. The drain pipes work to take the water droplets out of the AC. If the drain pipes is not working properly or remain clogged, water will begin to leak from the Air conditioning unit.

You need to take care of how air conditioning works. To keep the AC parts in proper working order always get your AC service and cleaned. AC relies on all parts to work together. Compressors are dependent on the condenser coil, which enormously depends on the evaporator, and then the process continues. 

While it’s easy to clean and maintain specific components of the air conditioning unit such as the filters and the drain pipes on your own, it’s difficult to fix other parts. A broken air conditioner compressor cannot repair on our own. When faced with such situations, it is better to book AC repair service online to get your machine checked. So, keep your AC in good condition and get it checked and serviced by our professionals from time to time.

Safety Measures are given as follows while your AC Installation and Servicing

When Installing an AC Unit

Connecting with ac service center can be the great idea when you are planning to install an air conditioner unit at your home or office

  • If you do not install a breaker, it leads to electric shocks while operating the AC, and earth cables should not be connected to a gas pipe, water pipe or telephone earth cable
  • Don’t keep any devices or appliances which contains combustible gases located near AC
  • Ensure that at the time of installation, the drain hose pipe does not contain any water
  • Location of the AC is essential
  • An earth leakage breaker is a must

When Operating an AC Unit

  • Whenever you’re cleaning AC unit, check out whether the power supply is off. Also, don’t open the panel when the fan is still rotating
  • Do not pour any liquid or water into the AC unit as it can damage insulation and cause electric shock
  • Do not put any electrical tools and household things below the units of the air conditioner
  • Do not use any spray near the blower because it results into a fire
  • Keep your hands dry whenever you touch the switches

When Repairing an AC Unit

  • Prefer repairing your AC during day time because there will be enough natural light to know the problem without switching on any electrical device
  • While Repairing AC keeps your children and you too to a safe distance from the unit
  • Don’t try to repair your AC by own instead call an AC professional.
  • Don’t touch any wires with your empty hands

To find the best professionals near you in no time, you need to go on the online ac service website or App and search for ‘AC Repair’ or AC Service Centre in the search tab. And tab will open up where you have to fill in the details matching your requirements. Questions may appear like what kind of ac services is required split AC or window AC, location. Compromise the questionnaire. And when your request is uploaded, an expert will be there at your doorstep at your requested time and place. 

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