How To Pack Heavy Items While Moving?

When it comes to, every household has large, bulky or heavy things to move. When you are intended on moving your furniture knowing how to lift it is not all. Big things are more difficult to handle in general; they usually need more than one person to do the job, you require to be supplied with the right amount and packing supplied and you need to understand how to do the packing. 

In these situations, these tips on how to pack heavy items for your relocation will be of help. Rather than this, you can also take the help of Packers and movers in thane who helps to shift all your furniture carefully.

How to Prepare to Pack Heavy Items?

Packing is important when you want to prepare how to pack large objects. When it comes to moving heavy things, packing them is the key to move the furniture successfully. Packing heavy items for shipping starts by collecting the packing materials. 

Identify that when it comes to the cost of what you are moving the right packing supplies may be more affordable than saving from them and then getting money from the insurance. Not to state you’d also have to deal with fixing the thing or even worse – replacing it. In other words, lacking packing supplies when packing bulky items for shipping or moving is very dangerous, and there’s a high chance of damages.

How To Find The Right Packing Supplies?

Be available to get double-ply cardboard boxes or even better – rent plastic crates or order wooden ones, especially if you are transferring antiques or artwork. If you would decide to use cardboard boxes, choose the type and the amount you’d require – there are small, medium and large boxes, and speciality ones like wardrobe, dish boxes, etc. Next, think using packing or insulation foam – it is good to congest any box that will have significant things in on the inside. You will also require packing paper, bubble wrap and tape and markers for the labelling.


Surely when packing large items for shipping, it will be easier for you if you categorize the things at your home. Put books on one side,  picture frames on another, glass etc. Another method to do the same task is to package heavy items by the category without separating them in advance – i.e. arranging the books first, then the glass, etc. Every piece will have a particular way to pack.

How To Pack Heavy Items – Tips & Tricks:

Your customers are your help and delivering them merchandise in the top shape is your preference. For starters, when packing heavy things, an extra layer of packaging is required instead of a single one.

Balance The Weight:

If you have any attachments with the more significant merchandise, you should place the longer piece at the bottom and the smallest at the top. This balances weight and decreases the chance of breaking the item.

Use Sufficiently Spaced Boxes:

The boxes should have sufficient space to accommodate all packaging materials, for bulkier things use double-walled boxes. Wrap each item correctly to ensure that the content of the packets do not encounter each other, particularly fragile items, and cause damage. So, it is better to take the help of Packers and movers in Navi Mumbai.

Ensure No Movement Of Items:

Single most cause for damages of heavy items in transit is movement. Secure the items are intact and packed adequately for securing minimum damages.

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