How To Activate Cancelled GST Registration

Don’t know how to activate cancelled GST?  Don’t worry this blog will guide you with step by step method for the same.

So, read this blog till the end. And we promise “How To Activate Cancelled GST” will get resolved your query completely. And, you can also contact our business manager regarding this query and other GST registration issues.

Since July 2017, GST registration is necessary in India, and warding off it considers as an offence under GST which may also price a heavy penalty. So if you are strolling a business organization then get your GST registration done.

We Indians people are properly versed with the GST term, i.e., Goods and Services Tax. Which is an oblique tax, or you can say it is a consumption tax, specially use in India? It is a multi-staged tax because GST is imposed at each and every stage of the production Method.

GST has 5 different slabs for the tax series i.e., 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. If you do now not register for GST, you might also have to pay a heavy penalty and fine. It is quite vital to register for GST. Here we have put collectively some of the convenient processes of GST registration. Let’s get started-

1First of all, you would need your PAN number, email id and phone number to fill the GST REG 01 form and submit
2Now verify the email id and mobile number. You will receive a one-time password once you are done with the PAN Card verification
3You will receive an application reference number (ARN) in your mobile no once the verification complete
4Put the ARN no and attach all the required documents
5Now you fill the auto-generated GST REG 03 form, in case you require to attach additional information
6After the full verification of all information, one registration certificate will be generated within two working days.

What is GST Cancellation?

GST cancellation means the Central Tax Authority cancels the issued GSTIN of a taxpayer, which used to be registered below the GST. The cancellation means the taxpayer whose GSTIN obtained canceled is no longer be a GST registered person. Also, he would no longer have to pay or accumulate the GST anymore. Multiple organizations are there where GST registration is tons needed. So if the business continues its characteristic no matter GST cancellation, then they will have to pay a big amount of penalty.

How You Can Activate Canceled GST

It’s been two years of GST implementation. Now the GST branch has end up more active in phrases of GST defaulters. Also, the branch has begun to cancel the GST registration if the defaulters. Some dealers problem fake invoices also. In this article, we will talk about the GST cancellation revocation procedure. The online method is there for the canceled GST activation. You can do it online. For that, you need to go to the official site of GST and follow the below-mentioned activation steps.

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AFirst of all, VISIT the official website of Gst. You need to fill the application of GST canceled registration form.
BNow click on the Login Button
CNow put your user name id or password. Make sure you put the correct username id and password. if you cannot fill right information, you will not be able to log in. Now fill in the captcha and press the login button.
DThen you have to click on the service button in website. you click on the service button, you will find many options to select from. You need to press the “application for revocation of canceled registration” button. you click on on the button, one new web page will show up on your Desktop/mobile screen. There you will get an option like ‘reason for revocation.’ Then you need to fill the revocation form With Attach all the required documents along with the form and click submit button.
EOnce you are executed with the documents attachment, you want to choose the verification box. There you want to verify the revocation and fill the authorized signatory identify and also referred to the different details like name, place, and many others
FNow save the form and retrieve it, or you can publish the form as well. You will get hold of an OTP, when you click on the submit button. The OTP will be sent to your e-mail id or in the mobile, which you have registered in the GST portal. After getting the OTP, fill the number to validate the form on the website. Now you will get hold of an acknowledgement letter; also, you will get an acknowledgement message in your mobile no.
GThe officer will go via your application, and if he is satisfied with your application, then he will cross further. He must be satisfied with your referred to motives given in the revocation application. If it is satisfied, then solely he will revoke the cancelled GST registration and furnish orders accordingly
HYou will receive an Massage or an email in your phone no for the approval of the revocation, and then the GSTIN Will be active once again.
ISuppose the officers is not satisfied with your reasons for cancellation of GST registration, he will reject your application form, and the GST no will remain inactive. So be cautious about the motives you mentioned in the application for.
JIf you are now not comfortable with the on-line procedure, you can pick the offline process too. Download the form from the GST professional website. Fill all the details, attach all the documents, and send it to the GST office Near by You. It’s time-consuming in assessment to the on-line method.

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