Convert Java(JAD/JAR) to APK Online

How to Convert Java(JAD/JAR) to APK??

Convert-javajadjar-apk – Some application maybe only have java version, thesolution is change them into APK so we can install it to our andorid.

Convert Java(JAD/JAR) to APK Online

Step by step Convert-Java JAD JAR To APK

  1. From your PC / Laptop open this site
  2. At Option 2 Field, upload JAR / JAD file (make sure they were in right field)
  3. Select Custom Orientation
  4. Click APK
  5. Wait for minutes, the save window will appear and confirm to save the APK file.
  6. Make sure your connection is ok then install and run the application that already we got
  7. Automaticly, it will download the application to run our java application.

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