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C Program : write a c program to swap three variable a, b & c using forth variable

/*write a c program to swap three variable a,b&c using forth variable*/ #include “stdio .h” #include “conio .h” void main() { int a,b,c,d; clrscr(); printf(“enter value of a:”); scanf(“%d”,&a); printf(“enter value of b:”); scanf(“%d”,&b); printf(“enter value of c:”); scanf(“%d”,&c); printf(“n values of variables a,b&c before swapping:nt%d %d %d”,a,b,c); d=a; a=b; b=c; c=d; printf(“n values of

How to Convert APK to Java (JAD/JAR) Offline

It is very easy to convert java application to android application. you can convert-jarjad-apk file for smartphone uses. You’re going to need these two files: Dex2Jar from here A regular Java decompiler, such as JD from here convert-jarjad-apk :- -Unzip dex2jar. -In dex2jar directory, paste your classes.dex file. -Open CMD, go to dex2jar durectory using cd, and type dex2jar YourApp.apk -You will

Convert Java(JAD/JAR) to APK Online

How to Convert Java(JAD/JAR) to APK?? Convert-javajadjar-apk – Some application maybe only have java version, thesolution is change them into APK so we can install it to our andorid. Step by step Convert-Java JAD JAR To APK From your PC / Laptop open this site At Option 2 Field, upload JAR / JAD file (make sure they were in right field) Select

Day To Day Word’s Full-form

Day To Day Word’s Full – Form | Daily Used Words | Think About New 1. *PAN* – permanent account number. 2. *PDF* – portable document format. 3. *SIM* – Subscriber Identity Module. 4. *ATM* – Automated Teller machine. 5. *IFSC* – Indian Financial System Code. 6. *FSSAI(Fssai)* – Food Safety & Standards Authority of